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A comedy set in the world of contract killers. A group of young, raw and undisciplined assassins hire a docu-crew at gun point, to have undeniable proof that they’re the ones who will kill the most infamous hitman of all time, Gunther. But Gunther is on to them before they know it and he makes it his personal mission to make their lives a living hell. It becomes a race against time: kill or be killed, as the hunters quickly become the prey.

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Taran Killam
as Blake

Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Gunther

Bobby Moynihan

Cobie Smulders

Hannah Simone
as Sanaa

Allison Tolman
as Mia

Paul Brittain

Ryan Gaul

Steve Bacic

Aaron Yoo

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Critic Reviews for Killing Gunther

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Arnold’s stogie-chomping, pimp suit-wearing madcap performance is the best, and pretty much only reason to check this film out.

October 16, 2017 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review…
Travis Hopson
Punch Drunk Critics

Killing Gunther is an astonishingly unfunny film considering the level of sheer comedic talent involved in it. Its lack of energy or character development keeps the film from ever finding its groove.

September 28, 2017 | Rating: 3.5/10 | Full Review…
Alex Welch
IGN Movies
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Audience Reviews for Killing Gunther


That’s a damn fine poster you’ve got there, Killing Gunther. Unfortunately, it’s also indicative of Killing Gunther’s biggest problem: Leading the promotional material with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know, from a marketing standpoint, it makes a hundred and five percent sense, totally get it.

But purely in terms of the experience you go through from watching a movie, I feel absolutely certain that Killing Gunther would have been exponentially better if Arnie’s involvement was kept secret. It seems very much as if the movie was built that way, and then the direction was changed some time after post-production.

In the end, Killing Gunther is an okay movie, but it might have been *great* if the Gunther character was a genuine reveal in the film, instead of the “Fuckin’ finally” moment we ended up with.

Gimly M.

Gimly M.

Super Reviewer


Stealing tone from What We Do In The Shadows, this mockumentary’s gist is what hilarity might ensue when incompetents try to kill the best hitman in the world. The answer: none. I hope they had fun filming it. How bad is it? When Arnold hadn’t showed up by the last third of the movie I began to hope he wouldn’t.

Kevin M. Williams

Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer

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Being an ardent Arnold fan, Killing Gunther has been on a short list of more obscure productions I’ve been looking forward to most this year. It doesn’t live up to my personal hype, but it does have a few things going for it.

Shot as a mockumentary, the tone is more similar to Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows in that it balances scripted and improv comedy with violence and gore. Director and lead actor, Taran Killam, plays a hit man who enlists a team of deadly but aloof contract killers to hunt down the worlds most violent and elusive hitman, Gunther, played by Schwarzenegger. He has also hired a film crew to document their progress, or lack thereof.

For the most part, the film stays fun and somewhat funny throughout, with a typical second act drama detour. It is the standard sin that many modern comedies commit when they get high on their own supply and think that the audience should care about the dramatic dynamics of silly characters.

This is doubly pointless because not only do we know that the premise is absurd, but with the added action genre, most of the characters are going to die.

Despite being top-billed, Ahnold doesn’t show up until the third act, but the ensemble cast are all memorable for their over the top characters, like Allison Tolman as a Russian murderess who is taking the opportunity to indulge in an idyllic touristy American vacation.

There are a lot of awful looking squibs that add to the camp value, but I can’t help but feel there were too many missed comedic opportunities for such a fun premise.

K Nife Churchkey

K Nife Churchkey

Super Reviewer

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