The Top 5 Best Rated Outdoor Movie Projectors Under $300-How To Make The Best Decision?

Movie night in your backyard garden is so awesome, right? But when movie tools or equipment you use becomes totally out of shape, your expected fun movie night would be ruined. To avoid this, having the best outdoor movie projector and good quality videos is a must.

Finding HD movie videos is easy but searching for the best outdoor movie projector would be challenging.  To help you with that, below are some of the vital things or features to check and terminologies to understand when you want to have a good projector. We also cut your options into five best rated outdoor movie projector under $300. These projectors are with the quality and within your budget.

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What to Look For In the Best Rated Outdoor Movie Projector under $300 2018 for Movie Night in the Backyard Garden

Several projector products claim to be the best but it is important for you to prove this to yourself by checking these specifications:

Video Projector Display Technology

Display Technology of a projector could be LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS), DLP or the Digital Light processing and LED display technology.

The Digital Light Processing projector doesn’t have a filter and provides sharp images. Compared to others, DLP has better 3D abilities and better time response.  

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display could be better because it is less expensive. This type of display technology produces less level of noise, provides nice color saturation and is really awesome for movies.

LED projectors, on the other hand, can give you better colors in images. It also consumes less power and its maintenance doesn’t cost much.

Lastly, the LCoS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon is simply the combination of DLP and LCD features.

Projector Contrast Ratio

This simply refers to the difference or ratio between the light and dark part of a picture or image.   When the contrast ratio is high, it means that the projector provides you blacker blacks and more white whites.

The contrast ratio affects the whole picture quality. Although the projector has high brightness or lumens, yet it has low contrast ratio, you’re most likely to get washed out images. The ideal ratio is 2000:1   or higher. But if you’ll place the projector in a particularly darkened room, the projector should have at least 1500:1 contrast ratio.

Projector’s Weight

The size of the projector and its weight are also things to consider when buying a projector. How portable is it? Can you carry it to one place and to another with ease?  If you buy a small projector unit, then you can place it anywhere you want.


To check the brightness of a projector, look for it ANSI lumens rating on its specs. This is the measurement of the amount of light that the unit could put out. Projectors projecting 1000ANSis Lumens or higher typically contains enough brightness for outdoor or indoor movie viewing.


The pixel density or the projector’s display resolution should be carefully checked because it plays important role in viewing quality or high definition images. Some of the resolutions that you may encounter include the following:

  • SVGA (800×600 pixels) – This is considered the low resolution and advisable only for projecting simple data, charts and video clips.
  • XGA (1024x 768 pixels) – A resolution common to most PCs
  • WXGA (12800×800 pixels) – A resolution typical to netbook computers and smartphones
  • 720p or (1280×720 pixels) and (1080p or 1920x 1080 pixels) – Ideal resolution for home theater.

Projector Connectivity Type

What are the types of connectivity present to the projector? Some may have HDMI inputs, DVI inputs, VGA inputs, and others. See to it that you get the projector that has your preferred input.

The HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface allows you to transfer audio or video from a device into other compatible components. The devices that may welcome HDMI connectivity includes HD TV, video projectors, PC monitors, Smartphones, Upscaling DVD, DVD recorders, Blu-ray, Digital cameras and many more.

VGA on the other hand stands for Video Graphics Array, which is the standard connectivity type for video devices like projectors and monitors.

Video Projector Feature

Another thing that you should check is favorable or outstanding features provided by a projector.

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Here are the 5 Best Rated Outdoor Movie Projectors under $300

Projector Name Projector Type Lumens Weight Price Rating
VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Projector LCD 3600 LUX 7.85lbs. 199. 99 4.8
Projector, GooDee Video Projector LED+LCD 80% better brightness compared to other projectors (2200 lux) 5 lbs. $184.99 4.9
Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector TFT LCD 1,200 lumen 2 lbs. $109.99 4.3
Portable Projector Full HD Video Projector 200″ (YG620DZ) LCD 3500 lumens 7.14lbs. 259.99 4.5
DBPOWER Mini Projector LED 50ANSI lumen 2.2 lbs. $69.99 4.4


VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Projector-Best Pick for Durability

This outdoor movie projector is capable of providing a better home movie entertainment. Its specs will tell you that this is a nice buy projector. This has both high brightness and contrast ratio and this means that it provides nice, clear and vivid images.

Aside from that, this features a superb audio quality.  While other projectors require external speakers, VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Projector’s own speaker would suffice to your audio needs. It provides a really impressive quality. For less than $300, this outdoor movie projector worth it.   

  • Video Projector Display Technology:  LCD
  • Projector Weight: 7.85 pounds
  • Projector Contrast Ratio:   3000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  3600 LUX
  • Projector Connectivity Type: VGA CABLE, USB, HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:   1280*768


  • Projector made of quality and durable material
  • Provides vibrant and sharp pictures
  • Creates less noise compared to other projectors
  • Impressive sound
  • Superb image clarity
  • Very easy to set up
  • Has a nice carrying bag
  • It’s a bit heavy and big so it’s hard to carry
  • No zoom


Projector, GooDee Video Projector– Best Rated Outdoor Movie Projector PICK under $300

For home entertainment, GooDee Video Projector surprises viewers with the crisp, bright and clear display because the picture quality that it provides is superb.  The images are vividly visible in a darker place or room and even a well- lit one. Even the projectors sound or audio is nice that’s why you don’t need to attach or hook up your home sound system. The projectors itself gives you nice sufficient sound.

It connects well and very compatible with any devices through its HMDI input. It’s an affordable projector with awesome resolution and brightness and it’s pretty impressive.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:  LED+LCD
  • Projector Weight:  5 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio:  3000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  80% better brightness compared to other projectors (2200 lux
  • Projector Connectivity Type:  HDMI, USB, VGA, AV
  • Projector Resolution:  1080P SUPPORTED


  • The clear and sharp image display
  • Convenient to use
  • Nice projector audio with powerful speakers
  • Excellent brightness
  • A high resolution supporting 1080p
  • Broad projection size up to 200 inches
  • Lower noise from a fan
  • Not as lightweight as others


Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector-Best Pick for Connectivity

Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector is very portable with vast connectivity compatibility and options. You can connect your laptops, DVD player (Blue-ray), media players, personal computers and others.   Pictures, videos, and music from your phones or smartphones could also be projected through an additional cord.

If you’re a gamer, this outdoor movie projector could provide extra gaming experience as this projector supports HD video games like PS4 and you could view it up to 130 inches big. When it comes to movie entertainment or sports, the projector can provide clear images with awesome rich colors. More than that, if you’re fond of stylish devices, you’ll surely love this because it has a nice color and projector style.  

  • Video Projector Display Technology:   TFT LCD
  • Projector Weight:  2 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio:  1000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  1,200 lumen
  • Projector Connectivity Type:  HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
  • Projector Resolution: support 1080p


  • Great input connectivity and compatibility
  • Affordable compared to other projectors
  • Allows you to watch sports, shows, play games
  • Well designed
  • Good quality images and videos
  • Light weight and very portable
  • You’ll need external speakers when you utilize VGA input
  • This is no recommended for office presentation or business presentations


Portable Projector Full HD Video Projector 200″ (YG620DZ) – Best Pick for Portability

Portable Projector Full HD Video Projector 200″ (YG620DZ) is one of best rated outdoor movie projectors under $300 that you’ll surely feel in love with.  It provides a grander movie watching experience because of its larger screen or projection size up to 200 inches. It supports 1080P that’s why you can watch videos or movies vividly with clarity and richness of color.   

This is an ideal projector for home entertainment usage. When it comes to portability, it is very portable and powerful having nice projector brightness and ideal contrast ratio.  It also connects well to varied devices. There’s no blurry moment this Portable Projector – 3500 LUX LED Full HD Video Projector 200″ Big Display Projector (YG620DZ).

  • Video Projector Display Technology:   LCD
  • Projector Weight:  7.14 pounds
  • Projector Contrast Ratio:  2000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  3500 lumens
  • Projector Connectivity Type:  VGA CABLE, USB, HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:  support 1080P


  • Very portable
  • Big screen size up to 200 inches
  • Nice multimedia connectivity
  • Brighter and clearer images
  • High resolution and brightness
  • Sturdy projector construction
  • Low noise
  • Very simple to set up
  • A bit heavy compared to other projectors
  • Nice sound but not sufficient


DBPOWER Mini Projector-Budget Pick

This is a very portable and affordable outdoor movie projector that comes with quality and brilliance. Whether for parties, friendship bonding, family reunion, and others, DBPOWER Mini Projector will give spice to your home entertainment needs.

It creates sharper and brighter images for better movie viewing and the resolution is really great. You can even enjoy up to 170 inches screen size. The projector sound is clear and nice enough for your audio needs.  

It also has upgraded mainboard where it has enhanced brightness and runs quitter compared to others.  The projector’s HD lens (six layers) is also a great edge as this is best for precision, transmittance, and projection of images. This best rated outdoor movie projector under $300 is an ideal projector for home entertainment.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:   LED
  • Projector Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  50ANSI lumen
  • Projector Connectivity Type:  VGA CABLE, USB, HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:  supports 1080p


  • Less noise due to its nice cooling fan
  • Lamp lie is extended up to 50,000 HOURs
  • Awesome stereo sound
  • HD lend (6 layers)
  • Easy setup projector
  • High resolution
  • Nice bright images
  • Not recommended for office and business presentations
  • Works less effective in bright rooms

Which is the Best Rated Outdoor Movie Projectors Pick under $300?

The best pick is Projector, GooDee Video Projector because it makes the viewer’s enjoy quality movie images and it also provides gamers that opportunity to enjoy more and be happier in gaming through widescreen, detailed sights and clear bright screen colors. Also, this outdoor movie projector is very easy to use and set up. The specs like the brightness and contrast ratio are high, which enable it to provide a really great movie experience.

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