The Top 5 Best Value Outdoor Movie Projector under $500 – Which to Pick?

Every outdoor movie viewing becomes more thrilling, romantic and enjoyable when you’re watching it in widescreen and has high definition or resolution. This is why you will need HD videos and of course, a valuable outdoor movie projector.

A good projector provides you with the best entertainment experience as well as display. But are these good projectors expensive?  There are very expensive projectors but there are also units that are within your budget as the best value outdoor movie projectors under $500.  

In this article, you would know the things to look for when buying the best value outdoor movie projector under $500 and we list of best value outdoor movie projector option.

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What to Look For In the Best Value Outdoor Movie Projectors under $500 2018 for Movie Night in the Backyard Garden

Carefully check the following specs if you want to have the best outdoor movie projector:

The Display Technology

This display technology is responsible for simplifying the sharing of information. One of the most popular display technology is the LCD or Liquid Crystal Displays because its power is low operating, it has a compact design and lightweight. The LCD projectors are great for home cinema without having light control.

You can also find DLP projectors or the Digital Light processing. These types of projectors are typically found or seen in movie theaters. So, these types are one great option. Another display technology is the LCOS, which combined the best features of LCD and DLP.

The Weight of the Projector

In every projector unit, there’s always a weight indicated. So, you would already estimate whether its weight will go as you like. It is also important to consider its portability.

The Projector Contrast Ratio

Having a high contrast ratio means that the projector could provide better vivid images and that would be great in watching outdoor movies in your backyard.  Always remember that the major factors affecting the quality of the image are the source material or the content, the native resolution and the projectors contrast ratio.    

Video Projector Image Brightness

You can identify the brightness of the projector through ANSI lumen. Typically, projectors have 1000 lumen up to 2500 ANSI lumens and more.  In order to take advantage of the projector’s brightness, you must also check the viewing environment because it will determine how much brightness your projectors needs. For home theaters, having 1000 lumens and up will do.


Resolution is what make up the video images.  If you have an HD video yet it appeared so bad while viewing it, your projector might have a low resolution. In simple ways, resolution refers to the number of picture elements or pixels that your outdoor movie projector is able to display or project. So when the projector supports a high level of resolution like 720p and 1080p, you will get an awesome and detailed image, which is great in movie watching.

Projector Connectivity Type

It’s better to have a wide selection of connecting ports or connectors.  Most outdoor projectors provide VGA connections, which are meant for connecting computers and other multiple video ports.  But having HDMI connection would be great because you’ll be able to connect to several android devices.

Video Projector Feature

Identifying the distinct feature or characteristic of an outdoor movie projector is one way of knowing its edge among others.

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The Top 5 Best Value Outdoor Movie Projectors under $500

Projector Name Projector Type Lumens Weight Price Rating
InFocus IN114XA Projector DLP 3,500 lumen 5.51 lbs. $350.00 4.4
Smart HD Projector LCD 3900 Lumens LCD $386.00 4.5
Smart Android 6.0 Projector LCD 4,000 lumen 7.23 lbs. $319.00 4.4
Optoma HD Home Theater Projector DLP 3,000 lumen 5.5 lbs. $489.99 4.0
Wsiiroon LCD Projector LCD 2500 lumens LCD $120.99 4.4


InFocus IN114XA Projector– Best Pick 3D Projector

This is one of the best projectors considering that it is not that expensive.   InFocus IN114XA Projector is totally is one of the beneficial outdoor movie projectors that can provide quality pictures, sufficient brightness, awesome resolution and contrast ratio to the viewers.

It also supports 3D viewing and that’s a great addition.  You will also not encounter any issue regarding the projector’s speaker as it works great.  On the other hand, if you use this in a bright classroom, you might not get images that you want. But with the overall quality movie viewing that it provides, you’ll surely have a remarkable outdoor movie watching memories.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:  DLP
  • Projector Weight: 5.51 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 26,000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness: 3,500 lumen
  • Projector Connectivity Type: HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:  1080p


  • 3D ready
  • Unbeatable value with the lamp life of 15,000 hours
  • Provides superb image quality
  • Great projector under $500
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Might not be advisable when you use this on bright classroom
  • In order to work properly,   it should be properly connected.


Smart HD Projector– Best Pick for Projector Versatile Connectivity

If you want a versatile best value outdoor movie projector under $500, this would be one of the nicest options. Smart HD Projector provides Wi-Fi and versatile connectivity application. You’ll get quick projector response and enable you to download as well as install applications.

You’ll also be able to watch movies with sharper and realistic motion pictures because it has a high contrast ratio and brightness. In other words, this projector provides top level movie viewing.

Other wonderful features inclusion of this outdoor movie projector includes powerful dual speakers (5W), no bound music playing, Wi-Fi equipped, and Bluetooth connection.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:  LCD
  • Projector Weight: 8.27 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness: 3900 Lumens
  • Projector Connectivity Type: Bluetooth
  • Projector Resolution:  1280×800 pixels


  • Nice picture quality
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Wide support interface
  • Very easy to use
  • You might need auxiliary speaker if you’re viewing the movie on wide open space.
  • A little fan sound could be heard from the projector


Smart Android 6.0 Projector-Best Pick for Picture Accuracy

Movie viewing becomes more realistic, accurate and detailed through this Smart Android 6.0 Projector.  This is made possible due to the projectors’ high definition imaging technology. Other than that, it also offers a variety of connections and interface, which give you vast connectivity options.  

If you want a larger view of the movie you’re watching, this would suit you well as this reaches projection size up to 200 inches. In order to get quality images, it should be properly focused and aligned. As you observe, there are projectors that provide blurry and not good quality images.  Only the best outdoor movie projector like Smart Android 6.0 Projector will give you movie viewing ease and satisfaction.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:  LCD
  • Projector Weight:  7.23 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  4,000 lumen
  • Projector Connectivity Type: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dual USB, Dual HDMI, VGA, AV, ATV
  • Projector Resolution:   supports 1080p


  • Nice quality images
  • Vast connection interface
  • Has high definition imaging technology
  • Nice Audible sound
  • Efficiency in light usage
  • Need to be adjusted well to get a nice image
  • Louder fan sound
  • Quite heavy


Optoma HD Home Theater Projector-Best Pick for Spectacular Picture Quality

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector boasts spectacular picture quality that offers accurate and bright colors to images and contains a high contrast ratio, which is 23,000:1. It is totally one of a kind outdoor movie projector and its specs shout how amazing this projector is.   This provides 3,000-lumen brightness and able to support 1080p.

This is best not just in watching blockbuster movies but also great in playing games. The images are so crisp and colorful which brings you to the next viewing level. The lamp life is extended and the zoom feature is flexible yet quite limited.  To sum it up, would be the best option among the best value outdoor movie projector under $500. It’s indeed, a nice investment.

  • Video Projector Display Technology:   DLP
  • Projector Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 23,000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness:  3,000 lumen
  • Projector Connectivity Type: USB, HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:  1080p


  • Easy to set up
  • Spectacular picture quality
  • Provides clear and vivid images
  • Varied HDMI inputs
  • Support MHL
  • The fan is super quite
  • Don’t have lens shift
  • The keystone and zoom is quite limited


Wsiiroon LCD Projector– Best Outdoor Movie Projector Pick for Portability

Wsiiroon LCD Projector is an outdoor solid handy projector for watching a movie. The brightness is fine and quality of picture it shows is great. It also features various output connectors, so connecting it to devices such as a computer or phone would not be a problem. It supports devices like laptop, USB driver, VGA, HDMI device, XBOX, PS4 and many more.  But if you want to connect your iPad or iPhone, you will need to buy MHL cord first.

On the other hand, you don’t need to buy additional auxiliary speakers because the projector’s speaker has surprisingly admirable audio support. You can take this outdoor movie projector to different places with ease. This is the best value outdoor movie projector under $500 that will comply with your movie projector needs.  

  • Video Projector Display Technology:   LCD
  • Projector Weight: 4.01 lbs.
  • Projector Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Video Projector Image Brightness: 2500 lumens
  • Projector Connectivity Type:  VGA CABLE, USB, HDMI
  • Projector Resolution:  1080P


  • Plausible movie viewing experience
  • Very simple to set up
  • Exceptional audio support
  • Has noise suppression that’s why it produces less noise
  • Nice two-fan design
  • Lighting weight
  • You need to buy MHL cord if you want to connect iPad or iPhone.
  • This is not recommended for office or PowerPoint presentation

Which is The Best Value Outdoor Movie Projector PICK?

Having a nice projector would take you to a definitely new level of movie convenience and entertainment. That’s why if you’re going to choose a movie projector, you should be extra careful and wise. Among the above top best value movie outdoor movie projector, the Optoma HD Home Theater Projector will be on top of the list. This projector has superb picture quality and the viewers will enjoy watching movies vividly. They will more appreciate the movie and become very comfortable with the movie view.  

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